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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This page lists suggested key questions to check against for civil society organisations preparing for Brexit.

Against these questions, we are developing analysis and resources, and would welcome your contribution.

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Brexit checklist[edit | edit source]

Topic Question Analysis Resources
General Preparedness Have you tasked an individual in your organisation to monitor Brexit?
General Preparedness Have you identified key risks to your organisation as a result of Brexit?
General Preparedness Do you understand the potential impact of Brexit on those you work with?
General Preparedness Have you considered the impact of slower economy on your organisation?
Funding & Finance Are you in receipt of funding managed by the European Union?
Funding & Finance Do you work in partnership with other organisations across the EU?
Funding & Finance Have you considered the potential impact of price changes on your organisation?
People & Immigration Are you aware of whether any of your employees or their families are EU nationals?
People & Immigration Have you assessed how future migration policies could impact your organisation?
Legislation & Human Rights Have you considered the significance of EU legislation or directives to your organisation?
Legislation & Human Rights Have you assessed how individuals or groups you work with benefit from European human rights legislation or protections?

Brexit planning and timescales[edit | edit source]

Objective: we need to be clear on the asks and conditions to support the third sector during transition to new post Brexit arrangements.

Intention is for third sector to add the voice to these collective concerns

Audience is sector, media, government at local, Scotland, UK and European levels.

Recipient of our asks are UK Government, and Scottish Government but could be other influencers such as local government, academics, regulators, funders, and other public institutions.

Concern Our analysis Our asks Key influencers to engage
Loss of ESF funding to sector Loss of both resources and the management and purpose of funding.
Loss of human rights Loss of basic rights for citizens, but also for EU nationals, and protected characteristics groups. Immigration and demography.
Change in the approaches available for international cooperation International development alliances. Sector support for natural capital and tackling climate change and SDGs. Change in international identity and status for Scotland and UK. Academics
Spike in demand for advice from people Balance of demand would alter dramatically if EU nationals left. Also, breakdown in public services. Sector usually fills in the gaps.
Spike in demand for basic emergency services such as food banks
Loss of access to European wide programmes Sector is a major participant with government sponsored EU wide programmes for learning, sharing and action.
Citizen unrest and divisions in society Sector is a major player in peace building, community dialogue and social capital
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